Vodafone: Yes, we slurp data on customers' network setups, but we do it for their own good

4 days ago

MyPr0nStash might not have been the wisest name for that file server after all


Mozilla launches Firefox Private Network VPN for Android

5 days ago

Mozilla launched Firefox Private Network VPN for Google's Android operating system recently. The standalone Android application extends support to Android devices. The organization launched a beta of Firefox Private Network VPN back […]


Good news: Neural network says 11 asteroids thought to be harmless may hit Earth. Bad news: They are not due to arrive for hundreds of years

7 days ago

And also, crucial point, the software may be wrong and we'll never be released by these angels of death


'Tens of millions' of Cisco devices vulnerable to CDPwn flaws: Network segmentation blown apart by security bugs

3 weeks ago

Enterprises face fear of phone fragging fest as Doom spawns on IP phones


Your mobile network broke the law by selling location data and may be fined millions... or maybe not, shrugs FCC

3 weeks ago

US watchdog struggles to do its job over illegal sale of folks' whereabouts


Another nail in the coffin: Microsoft ends its UWP monetization network

3 weeks ago

When Microsoft first launched the Windows Store, now known as Microsoft Store, it had big plans for it. It wanted to create a central repository for applications for Windows, that were limited […]


We won't CU later: New Ofcom broadband proposals mull killing off old copper network

2 months ago

Yearly review promises FTTP for rural bods, price check on network wholesaler Openreach


CES 2020: IBM adds Delta as it expands its Q Network

2 months ago

Big Blue said its Q Network, designed to advance quantum computing, has more than 100 organizations spanning multiple verticals.


Ad network ransomware crook to flog £5k Rolex after court confiscates £270k in ill-gotten gains

3 months ago

Next thing she's wearing my Casio


Australian Taxation Office seeks to replace its managed network services

3 months ago

Work divided into six separate modules.


AWS Partner Network To Get New Program For Startups

3 months ago

by Donna Goodison We felt like there was an opportunity for us to build a special program to ensure that our startups were able to work closely with our enterprise customers and also for us to make additional investments into startups who are focusing on the B2B space, says Doug Yeum, AWS head of worldwide channels and alliances.


Mozilla launches Firefox Private Network VPN for $4.99 per month

3 months ago

Mozilla continues to expand its products and services beyond the Firefox web browser. Firefox Private Network was launched as the first product of the revamped Test Pilot program that Mozilla put on […]


Australian Taxation Office seeks to replace its managed network services

3 months ago

Work divided into six separate modules.


AWS wants to reinvent the supercomputer, starting with the network

3 months ago

VP of AWS global infrastructure Peter DeSantis talked up the possibilities of running high performance computing workloads in the cloud, instead of on a 'costly' supercomputer with a pretty paint job.


Not to Nokia, but someone's seeking a third Huawei: Openreach hunts supplier number 3 for UK's FTTP network

3 months ago

Did somebody say strategic diversification?


Google emits Network Intelligence Center to help untangle misconfigured cloud networks

3 months ago

Connectivity tests check config but do *not* actually test connectivity


GNS3 is an open source graphical network simulator for Windows, Linux and macOS

3 months ago

GNS3 is a graphical network simulator which lets you to create a virtual network. You don't need any hardware like routers, switches, or even endpoints (workstation computers). This open source tool can […]


Public cloud providers' network performance wildly varies

3 months ago

Which public cloud really is the fastest for you? There are many variables, but your network connectivity is a major one, and there are major differences between providers.


Google Cloud rolls out platform for network visibility and management

3 months ago

Google's Network Intelligence Center aims to offer comprehensive network monitoring across public clouds and on-premise data centers.


Vodafone UK links arms with Openreach to build out its full-fibre network

3 months ago

Budge up, CityFibre