The Internet of Things is a security nightmare reveals latest real-world analysis: unencrypted traffic, network crossover, vulnerable OSes

4 weeks ago

And the best part of it? Hospitals are most at risk


Microsoft shares nightmare tale: 6 sets of hackers on a customer's network

4 weeks ago

Microsoft reveals its first report on incident response work carried out by its Detection and Response Team (DART).


Good: IT admins scrambled to patch 80 per cent of public-facing Citrix boxes to close nightmare hijack hole

2 months ago

Bad: The other 20 per cent are still wide open. Also bad: Some of those patched machines may have been hacked


Xiaomi what's inside: Wow, teardown nerds find debut smartwatch isn't actually a solder-and-resin nightmare

2 months ago

If you can open the damn thing, that is


A Notepad nightmare leaves sysadmin with something totally unprintable

3 months ago

When curiosity killed the print job. All the print jobs