Things Microsoft will be glad to never see again: Windows 10 1809 and Windows Phone Office

5 days ago

Roundup New builds, Project Scarlett and much more


Microsoft to help Office 365 customers track entire phishing campaigns, not just lone emails

5 days ago

Microsoft rolls out Campaign Views in public preview for Office 365 ATP customers.


Australian Taxation Office seeks to replace its managed network services

6 days ago

Work divided into six separate modules.


Australian Taxation Office seeks to replace its managed network services

2 weeks ago

Work divided into six separate modules.


RuneScape bloke was wrongly sacked after reading veep's salary details on office printer

2 weeks ago

Jagex Ltd's gross misconduct efforts blasted by judge


Move over, Alien vs. Predator: Signing into AWS with an Office 365 login is a real crossover

2 weeks ago

AWS SSO? AWS IAM? AWS Cognito? All is explained


Infosec boffins pour cold water on claims Home Office Brexit app can be easily hacked

4 weeks ago

'Unnecessary scaremongering' but still some work to be done


UK Home Office: We will register thousands of deactivated firearms with no database

a month ago

All that is needed is an email inbox, say civil servants


Microsoft crams Office 365 docs into Edge-style sandboxes to thwart malware infections

a month ago

Ignite Your guide to some of the security enhancements announced this week


PSA: Turning off silent macros in Office for Mac leaves users wide open to silent macro attacks

a month ago

Microsoft seems a bit hazy on what 'disable' actually means


Microsoft sees sense, will give Office 365 admins veto rights on self-service Power tools

a month ago

Power to the people... in charge of IT – phew!


Microsoft explains self-serve Power platform's bypassing of Office 365 admins to cries of 'are you completely insane?'

2 months ago

We're unlocking productivity!


Power to the users? Admins be warned: Microsoft set to introduce 'self-service purchase' in Office 365

2 months ago

Users will be able to buy own licences and administrators cannot prevent it


GitLab reset --hard bad1dea: Biz U-turns, unbans office political chat, will vet customers

2 months ago

There's a line somewhere and we may just draw it, says code-hosting biz


Good guy, Microsoft: Multi-factor auth outage gives cloudy Office, Azure users a surprise three-day weekend

2 months ago

Redmond's sign-on system is so secure, nobody can get in


Multifactor authentication issue hitting North American Azure, Office 365 users

2 months ago

MFA issues are impacting a number of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 customers in North America. So far, the causes aren't known, but Microsoft engineers say they're working on it.


Microsoft warns: Office 2010 support is ending so buy Office 365 ProPlus

2 months ago

Microsoft warns Office 2010 users that in one year it will no longer provide patches.


Extract images and other content from Office documents with this simple trick

2 months ago

Here is a quick tip to extract images and other content from Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice documents among others. While it is possible to save images embedded in Office documents in […]


Are your Office 365 biz accounts secure? Don't find out the hard way... There are tools to keep staff, customers safe

2 months ago

Sponsored We'll help you through the minefield of policies and protections, says Quadrotech


Office 365 major new features: Here's what you get with new Surfaces, says Microsoft

2 months ago

Microsoft reveals how it fine-tuned its new Surface lineup to improve automation and productivity in Office 365.