Duped into running bogus virus scans at Office Depot? Dry your eyes with a small check from $35m settlement


Treat yourself to a meal out or a case of bevvies... or an appetizer in SF or NYC


When the air gap is the space between the ears: A natural gas plant let ransomware spread from office IT to ops

3 days ago

Mystery facility hit by 'commodity' infection thought to be Ryuk


A Look at Microsoft's new Office app for Android

4 days ago

Microsoft published its new Office application for Android and iOS on February 19, 2020 designed to improve the Office experience on mobile devices. The new Office application was in preview for a couple […]


Microsoft says more than 25 percent of Office 365 licenses now sold through Microsoft 365

a week ago

Microsoft has a multi-pronged plan to try to move customers of Windows, Office and enterprise mobility = security point products to its M365 bundle.


Microsoft to Office 365 ProPlus users: This new feature cuts malicious docs risks

2 weeks ago

Microsoft rolls out previews for an improved experience when using Office Protected View.


Here's how Office 365 users can get a custom email address -- without corporate headaches

4 weeks ago

Want the credibility that comes with a custom email domain instead of a generic or address? Microsoft has quietly rolled out that option for its Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers, but there are a few catches.


Clunk, whirr, buzz, whine. Shared office space can be a riot and sounds like one too

4 weeks ago

Something for the Weekend, Sir? And what about my buttocks, eh?


Don't drown in that Office 365 migration you've been putting off: There's help at hand – in the form of automation magic

4 weeks ago

Shifting an installation is complex yet not impossible, says Quadrotech


From WordPad to WordAds: Microsoft caught sneaking nagging Office promos into venerable text editor beta

a month ago

Hidden for now, probably coming to a desktop near you, soon, ish


Chrome suddenly using Bing after installing Office 365 Pro Plus... Yeah, that might have been us, mumbles Microsoft

a month ago

Bad-a-Bing, badda-boom: Netizens complain of browser hijacking


Bad Backup Idea: Using OneDrive Sync as an Office 365 Backup Substitute

a month ago

Don't cut corners when it comes to protecting Office 365 data, Brien warns. 01/22/2020


Nextcloud Hub takes on Google Docs and Office 365

a month ago

Best known as a do-it-yourself cloud storage service, Nextcloud challenges SaaS vendors with launch of Hub.


IT Pros Can Now Save Office Configurations in Microsoft's Cloud

a month ago

IT pros will soon be able to save their Office 365 configuration files in Microsoft's cloud datacenters to access later, thanks to a recent update to the Office Customization Tool.


Welcome to the 2020s: Booby-trapped Office files, NSA tipping off Windows cert-spoofing bugs, RDP flaws...

a month ago

Patch Tuesday Grab your Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Intel, and VMware fixes now


UK Home Office opens AWS cash firehose even wider with £100m public cloud services deal

2 months ago

Every little helps, right Jeff?


Microsoft's new Office 365 terms: 'We won't use your data for advertising or profiling'

2 months ago

US businesses can thank privacy-conscious Europeans for improvements in Microsoft's Online Services Terms.


LibreOffice 6.4 nearly done as open-source office software project prepares for 10th anniversary

2 months ago

A decade later, has LibreOffice succeeded? With business still hooked on Microsoft Office, not really


Post Office faces potential criminal probe over Fujitsu IT system's accounting failures

2 months ago

High Court judge passes file to prosecutors following £58m civil suit settlement


Things Microsoft will be glad to never see again: Windows 10 1809 and Windows Phone Office

3 months ago

Roundup New builds, Project Scarlett and much more


Microsoft to help Office 365 customers track entire phishing campaigns, not just lone emails

3 months ago

Microsoft rolls out Campaign Views in public preview for Office 365 ATP customers.