Open Source

Cambridge boffins and Google unveil open-source OpenTitan chip: Because you never know who you can trust

2 weeks ago

RISC-V-based design for Root of Trust blueprints announced


Not LibreOffice too? Beloved open-source suite latest to fall victim to the curse of Catalina

4 weeks ago

Move to bin? Or cancel? There are more options on this version of macOS, but it's still a PITA


Microsoft introduces new open-source specs for developing cloud and edge applications

a month ago

Microsoft is introducing two new specs, the Open Application Model and Dapr, with the aim of making building cloud, edge and Kubernetes apps easier.


Open-source companies gather to gripe: Cloud giants sell our code as a service – and we get the square root of nothing

2 months ago

Analysis Biz bods head to Open Core Summit to ponder how to, you know, get paid


WinOTP Authenticator is an open-source alternative for WinAuth

2 months ago

Some days ago, we told you about Authenticator, an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS. The app generates codes for two-factor authentication use. Many web services support 2FA to add another layer […]


Authenticator is an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS

2 months ago

When it comes to iOS, open-source apps are something of a rarity but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you're looking for an alternative for Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, […]


Beeftext is an excellent open-source text snippet tool for Windows

3 months ago

If you liked Quicktext for Thunderbird, but wanted a similar text snippet tool for other applications, you may want to take a closer look at the free open source application Beeftext as […]


Pat Gelsinger vows to upgrade VMware's once 'bad' open-source rep to the 'very' best by 2021

3 months ago

VMworld CEO makes commitment ahead of event's second-day news flurry


Sidebar Diagnostics is an open-source application that displays hardware information on your desktop

3 months ago

Do you want a resource friendly program to keep an eye on your computer's hardware? You should give Sidebar Diagnostics a try. It is a free and open source application. When you […]


KeePassium is an open-source KeePass client for iOS

3 months ago

About a month ago, I wrote an article about a KeePass client for iOS, called Strongbox. I also mentioned an alternative app named KeePassium and that I followed development of the application […]


Kubernetes reports the results of its open-source security audit

3 months ago

All programs need security audits, but the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) took a new open-source approach and revealed all to its users.


Alibaba crafts world's 'fastest' 'open-source' RISC-V processor yet: 16 cores, 64-bit, 2.5GHz, 12nm, out-of-order exec

4 months ago

Analysis Coming to an FPGA near you, soon, maybe, hopefully?