Das Reboot: Uni forces 38,000 students, staff to queue, show their papers for password reset following 'cyber attack'

4 weeks ago

School in Germany rolls out credential refresh with printed ID requirement


NordVPN launches password management solution NordPass

2 months ago

VPN provider NordVPN launched its password management solution NordPass recently after a prolonged early access test. The solution is available for iOS and Android, and the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft […]


Cyber-security super-brain Rudy Giuliani forgets password, bricks iPhone, begs Apple Store staff for help

3 months ago

What do you expect from Mister 'Truth isn't truth'?


Father of Unix Ken Thompson checkmated as his old password has finally been cracked

3 months ago

Aussie user's AMD GPU breaks hash in just four days


Google Password audits all your passwords to reveal weak, reused or compromised passwords

4 months ago

Google Password, an online service that stores passwords of user accounts, may now audit all stored passwords to reveal weak, reused or compromised passwords to the account owner. The company announced the […]


KeePass 2.43 Password Manager released

4 months ago

A new version of the password manager KeePass was released on September 10, 2019. KeePass Password Safe 2.43 is an update for the 2.x version of the password manager that introduces new […]


I just love your accent - please, have a new password

5 months ago


Google starts integration of password checker in Chrome browser

5 months ago

Google's Chrome web browser supports password saving and management options just like any other modern web browser. The browser offers to save passwords by default when it recognizes that a user enters […]


Buttercup is an open source password manager for Windows, macOS, Linux, Firefox and Chrome

6 months ago

There is no shortage in supply when it comes to password managers, but not all of them are open source. Buttercup is a free password manager, which is open source and offers […]