Sumatra 3.2 PDF reader drops Windows XP support


3 weeks ago

Sumatra PDF is my favorite PDF reader on Windows; it is lightning fast, resource friendly, and generally a well designed application. The developer of the application has released Sumatra 3.2 to the […]


Super-leaker Snowden punts free PDF* of tell-all NSA book with censored parts about China restored, underlined


2 months ago

* In Simplified Chinese


Jsoft PDF Reducer is a freeware tool for compressing PDFs and editing them


3 months ago

Many email services have a file size limitation for attachments. While people get around it by using cloud services or by splitting a file into multiple parts and sending multiple emails, sometimes […]


Android PDF app with just 100m downloads caught sneaking malware into mobes


7 months ago


Free PDF download: Industry cloud


8 months ago

What do business leaders need to know about industry cloud? Find out by downloading the free PDF ebook version of a special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic.


Free PDF download: Managing the multicloud


9 months ago

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic provides insights into multicloud strategies common in enterprises and how those strategies play out in practice.


Free PDF download: Prepare for serverless computing


11 months ago

What do business leaders need to know about serverless computing? Find out by downloading the free PDF ebook version of a special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic.


Sumatra 3.1 PDF reader update brings 64-bit builds


12 months ago

When it comes to reading PDF documents on machines running a flavor of Windows, users have plenty of options to choose from. They can go down the traditional route and install a […]


You can print to PDF natively in Windows 10


12 months ago

Microsoft added a couple of smaller changes to its Windows 10 operating system that I really like, for instance the highlighting of the first result when you search. Another feature is the […]


Not Another PDF Scanner 2 review


12 months ago

If you do a lot of document scanning on a regular basis, you may find the tool that ships with your printer not suitable for that task as it is usually bare […]


Turn files into pdf documents automatically with HotFolder


12 months ago

So-called pdf printers can be quite useful. These programs add a virtual printer to the operating system that you can send files to so that they are converted to pdf in the […]


Crop PDF documents comfortably with Briss


12 months ago

The pdf format is highly popular and there are so many third-party tools and programs available that manipulate pdf documents in one way or the other that it is difficult to keep […]


Multi-PDF Tool PDF Shaper 3.0 released with Windows 10 support


12 months ago

If you manipulate pdf documents in one way or the other regularly, then you may have come across PDF Stumbler before as it ships with a collection of tools for just that. […]


Lightweight PDF Reader Sumatra reaches version 3.0


12 months ago

There are two core options when it comes to reading pdf documents on your computer that are hosted on the Internet. The first is to read the document right in the browser, […]


How to improve the readability of PDF documents for mobile readers


12 months ago

Reading pdf or djvu documents on a mobile reader such as Amazon's Kindle, the Nook or even your smartphone can be quite the challenge due to the smaller screen size. While it […]


Batch convert documents to PDF files or images with DocuFreezer


12 months ago

When it comes to document conversions to PDF you have got plenty of options.  From options in the program the document was created in -- Microsoft Office supports PDF export for instance […]


How to delete pages from PDF documents


12 months ago

PDF Jumbler is a great cross-platform program for rearranging and deleting pages from PDF documents. The program requires the Java Framework on the other hand which you may not want to install […]


How to disable the internal pdf reader in Firefox and Chrome


12 months ago

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome ship with built-in pdf reader applications that will display documents in the browser when you click on them. While some may like that as it may be […]


Huge memory improvements coming to Firefox 29's pdf.js PDF reader


12 months ago

Mozilla launched Firefox's native PDF reader in Firefox 19 to provide users of the browser with an alternative to plugin-based readers such as Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit Reader. The idea was […]


How to reset custom pdf configurations in Firefox


12 months ago

If you are using Firefox's built-in pdf reader pdf.js, you may have noticed that the application remembers custom settings of each pdf document that you have opened in it. While there are […]