Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution


a week ago

On Call But did our hero break 'Circle rules?


Microsoft releases Word, Excel and PowerPoint previews for Windows 10


11 months ago

Microsoft has released previews of several Office apps today for users running the most recent build of the company's upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Update: The applications are no longer available as […]


PowerPoint, Excel Chart Data Templates


11 months ago

While various charts are added easily to Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Excel, it is not guaranteed that the resulting charts look visually appealing. Especially the axis labeling and scaling is often causing […]


5 Tips To Reduce The Size Of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations


11 months ago

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can take up lots of hard drive space. The size of the presentations depends largely on the multimedia content - that is pictures, videos and audio - that has […]


Merge Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations


11 months ago

There is no obvious way to merge several Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and while many users probably could not think of a reason why someone would want to merge PowerPoint presentations some might […]


PowerPoint Joiner


11 months ago

If you have ever felt the need to join multiple PowerPoint documents then you may want to take a closer look at PowerPoint Joiner which is currently available as version 0.2 from […]


Microsoft pptPlex Plugin For Powerpoint


11 months ago

Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most popular tools for creating presentations. The only flaw, if you would call it that, is its linear approach. Each slide has an exact position in […]


Add a Youtube Video to Your PowerPoint Presentation


11 months ago

Almost everyone has used PowerPoint for presentations at some time or the other. Even if you’ve moved on to apps at GoogleDocs or the Zoho suite, PowerPoint is still a handy tool […]


Create Web based Powerpoint Presentations


11 months ago

Microsoft Powerpoint has one huge disadvantage. It only supports local presentations and offers no way to show a presentation to users of a conference that take part from different offices. Most companies send the presentation by email to those users but this is not the best solution in my opinion.


Preezo: Create Powerpoint Presentations Online


11 months ago

Preezo is a fast powerpoint maker on the web. Like most of the web 2.0 apps it uses Ajax to power its site. To use the application you need to register and log in. The first thing I notice is there is no lag at all using the different features. It is very responsive. Even with Google Docs there is some lag while adding stuff. I would happily use this on my browser.


Firefox 66 has PowerPoint and Word bugs (Fix available)


11 months ago

Firefox users who upgraded the web browser to the recently released version 66 may experience text vanishing issues when they use the online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. A new bug report on […]


Mozilla slows Firefox 66 rollout to fix bug making Office 365 PowerPoint text vanish


12 months ago

Firefox 66's initial release made Microsoft's PowerPoint online useless for creating presentations.

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Powtoon PowerPoint support now in beta


one year ago

An innovative solution out of Israel enables enterprises to easily create videos from PowerPoint presentations.


Box for Office Online debuts for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files


5 years ago

Box also promised more integrations with native Office clients on iOS, Android, and Windows to follow later this year.


Evernote CEO attacks PowerPoint, unveils presentation alternative


6 years ago

Evernote Business is also getting a new LinkedIn-like dashboard, dubbed 'Context.'


Microsoft is out to prove productivity is more than PowerPoint


6 years ago

The self-described 'productivity and platforms' company is championing this week some cross-divisional projects meant to show how enterprise and consumer tech can be combined to create new kinds of apps and services.


Office 2010 PowerPoint Web App: SharePoint style


10 years ago

A look at the (will be) widely available paid-for version of the Office 2010 "PowerPoint Web App".