Sorry to be blunt about this... Open AWS S3 storage bucket just made 30,000 potheads' privacy go up in smoke

3 days ago

Talk about high tech: Software maker exposes cloud silo of personal info in tale of security gone bong


Privacy activists beg Google to ban un-removable bloatware from Android

2 weeks ago

Open letter to Chocolate Factory's Sundar Pichai penned by 50 campaign groups


Google scolded for depriving the poor of privacy after Chinese malware bundled on phones for hard-up Americans

2 weeks ago

Updated To make matters worse, uninstalling it could cause even more pain


Beset by lawsuits over poor security protections, Ring rolls out 'privacy dashboard' for its creepy surveillance cams, immediately takes heat

2 weeks ago

CES Platform makeover declared a 'total joke' by internet activists


Reclaim privacy on Windows 10 with new Debotnet tool

a month ago

Debotnet is a new application for devices running Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system designed to make configuration changes to improve privacy. The application is developed by Mirinsoft, which you may known from […]

PrivacyWindows Privacy Search Engine first look

a month ago is a new search engine that was officially unveiled in November 2019. The search engine is maintained by Private Internet Access, a provider of VPN solutions and other tools, and Gigablast, […]


Advertisers want exemption from web privacy rules that, you know, enforce privacy

2 months ago

They also want a ban on interfering with their cookies


Mozilla locks nosy Avast, AVG extensions out of Firefox store amid row over web privacy

2 months ago

Add-ons accused of slurping every URL netizens visit


Newly born Firefox 71 emerges from its den – with its own VPN and some privacy tricks

2 months ago

Mozilla continues exploring privacy as a source of revenue


O&O ShutUp10 updated with new privacy features

2 months ago

O&O, the developers behind the privacy tool O&O ShutUp10 for Windows 10, released a new version of the program yesterday. O&O ShutUp10 1.7 introduces the new Activity History and Clipboard group to […]


Microsoft: We're changing all your cloud contracts after privacy complaints

2 months ago

Microsoft will roll out new cloud contractual terms after EU regulators found the old ones violated privacy laws.


Are you as handy with privacy certs as you are with a screwdriver? Ikea has the perfect vacancy

3 months ago

Disposable furniture flogger seeks data wranglers


Cloudflare releases Privacy Pass 2.0 extension

3 months ago

Internet company Cloudflare launched the Privacy Pass extension for Firefox and Chrome back in 2017 to reduce or even eliminate the number of captchas that Internet users are exposed to. Captchas may […]


Privacy and anonymity focused Linux distro Tails 4.0 released

3 months ago

A new version of the privacy and anonymity focused Linux distribution Tails has been released this week; Tails 4.0 is a major update of the Linux distribution that improves performance and usability, […]


Microsoft warned: Your cloud contracts are 'serious concern' says EU privacy watchdog

3 months ago

Microsoft promises EU customers new revisions to the terms of its cloud contracts.


Privacy pop-up exhibit shows people in The Glass Room shouldn't throw phones – though they may well want to

3 months ago

Feature Once they find out how much data their devices devour


Google Maps gets Incognito fig leaf: We'll give you vague peace of mind if you hold off those privacy laws

4 months ago

Location data is likely to remain accessible to web ads giant, network service providers, apps


Amazon's new Alexa features and Echo devices deliver privacy, smart home integration

4 months ago

It's one thing to launch a bevy of Alexa enabled devices including a handful of Echos. It's another thing for Amazon to address the integration challenges and privacy concerns. At Amazon's hardware event, the company aimed to thread the needle.


Workplace collaboration, secure systems, privacy regulations obeyed – pick two? Nope, it's possible to pick all three

5 months ago

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