How was Bezos phone hacked? Probably using Pegasus-3 spyware

4 weeks ago

Bezos hack connected to Khashoggi murder and The Washington Post's subsequent media coverage.


Image-rec startup for cops, Feds can probably identify you from 3 billion pics it's scraped from Facebook, YouTube etc

4 weeks ago

Roundup Plus other 'fun' news from the world of AI


If you haven't shored up that Citrix hole, you were probably hacked over the weekend: Exploit code now available

a month ago

Roundup Plus: TikTok clocked, Honey in a sticky situation, Arm's PAN mechanisms sidestepped


Internet Download Manager is probably the best video downloader right now

2 months ago

When it comes to downloading videos, there is a constant battle between video streaming providers on the one side, and extensions, applications and services that provide video downloading functionality on the other. […]


FYI: FBI raiding NSA's global wiretap database to probe US peeps is probably illegal, unconstitutional, court says

2 months ago

Analysis A data silo we didn't know existed until a certain IT admin went rogue


'Sophisticated' cyber attack on UK Labour Party platforms was probably just a DDoS, says official

3 months ago

'Really very everyday' – report