Microsoft says .NET Framework porting project is finished: If your API's not on the list, it's not getting in

3 days ago

Unless you ask really nicely


Project purple: IAG moves away from being an analogue business

6 days ago

The insurance giant believes the digital transformation will allow it to expand its product range beyond insurance.


Game over: Atari VCS architect quits project, claims he hasn’t been paid for six months

2 weeks ago

Special report Retro console a mess, may never launch, sources allege


Haskell, Erlang, and Frank walk into a bar – and begin new project to work in Unison

3 weeks ago

It's not a joke, it's a programming language tuned for distributed systems


Pushing Verify in Brexit plans more about saving troubled project

a month ago

Analysis Broken ID system isn't going to track you. No one's using it!


Virgin Media's Project Lightning now at 1.8m connections. Just 2.2m to go before year's end, right?

2 months ago

And yes, broadband flinger appears to shift focus to hybrid


This is not the cloud you're looking for.... Oracle's JEDI mind tricks work as Trump forces $10bn IT project to drop out of warp

3 months ago

Defense Sec halts contract decision, probes for Amazon bias


Meet ELIoT – the EU project that wants to commercialize Internet-over-lightbulb

3 months ago

The tech has been around for years – why aren’t we using it?