Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X

a week ago

Huge changes for how apps run but will it win over users?


What links trendy .co domains, two warring registry giants, and Colombia's curious approach to technology tendering? We'll tell you...

a month ago

Who will control the CC TLD in future? Well, only one US company fits the criteria, funnily enough


One company on the planet, US-based Afilias, meets the criteria to run Colombia's trendy .co registry – and the DNS world fears a stitch-up

a month ago

Special report South American nation's government accused of fixing TLD contract amid bitter business war


Plan to strip post-Brexit Brits of .EU domains now on hold: Registry waves white flag amid political madness

4 months ago

But the damage is already done


Databricks introduces MLflow Model Registry, brings Delta Lake to Linux Foundation

4 months ago

The company founded by the creators of Apache Spark is working to elevate its newest innovations to open source standards.


Nominet continues milking .uk registry cash cow with 4 per cent price rise for... what exactly?

5 months ago

Increased costs of running the registry business? Or more money for failed expansion?


Red Hat Quay 3.1, a highly available Kubernetes container registry, arrives

6 months ago

If you want to manage your Kubernetes container images securely and reliably, you should check out the latest release of Red Hat Quay.