Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup

4 days ago

Exclusive From 'boy genius' to 'oh boy'


AWS To Announce Ingress Routing At re:Invent 2019

5 days ago

by Donna Goodison 'The thing that really gets (partners) excited is just how much we've been able to simplify the process of taking an appliance in AWS Marketplace and putting it into the customer network and making sure that the traffic flows through it,' says David Brown, AWS' Elastic Compute Cloud vice president. 'When you can't do that simply, there's obviously friction for customers.'


AWS CEO Andy Jassy's Love Of Music And Its Role At AWS re:Invent

5 days ago

by Donna Goodison Apart from the sensory pleasure of hearing great music that's catchy, what I love most about music is the artistry, passion and community that great musicians bring to bear, says AWS CEO Andy Jassy. Skilled lyrical writing is like poetry.


AWS wants to reinvent the supercomputer, starting with the network

6 days ago

VP of AWS global infrastructure Peter DeSantis talked up the possibilities of running high performance computing workloads in the cloud, instead of on a 'costly' supercomputer with a pretty paint job.


AWS re:Invent re:turns with re:vised robo-car and Windows Server 2008 re:vitalization plan

6 days ago

re:Invent Rent-a-server biz readies week-long fanboi rally


As many as 100,000 IBM staff axed in recent years as Big Blue fights to reinvent itself as cool with the kidz – court file

4 months ago

Age discrim legal battle reveals damning internal details