I spy, with my little satellite AI, something beginning with 'North American image-analysis code embargo'

2 weeks ago

Vendors will have to apply for permission to sell tools to customers outside of the US and Canada


A cheery New Year tale: How the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station might rise once more

2 weeks ago

Missed The Great Escape this year? How about boffins rescuing sat dishes from the scrappers instead?


FCC proudly wastes $90m getting data-capped, pricey satellite internet to tiny percentage of US population

4 weeks ago

On the plus side, this saves cable companies the hassle of laying down fiber


Satellite operators’ shares plummet as FCC plumbs for public 5G spectrum auctions

2 months ago

You win some, you lose… 75 per cent of your share value


When the satellite network has literally gone glacial, it's vital you snow your enemy

4 months ago

On Call Oh, the weather outside is frightful and the signal's not delightful


Microsoft Extends Azure ExpressRoute Service with Satellite Partners

4 months ago

Microsoft is working with satellite partner companies to extend Azure ExpressRoute's private Internet connections to organizations with operations in isolated regions. 09/10/2019


Microsoft takes ExpressRoute to orbit to sling Azure services at backwaters via satellite

4 months ago

Your planet is one of those scheduled for demolition, er, we mean Redmond pals up with SES, Intelsat and Viasat


Microsoft adds satellite support to its Azure ExpressRoute private-networking option

4 months ago

Microsoft is adding satellite support to Azure ExpressRoute and is making Azure available from two new regions in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany.


Everyone remembers their first time: ESA satellite dodges 'mega constellation'

5 months ago