Windows September 2019 Updates: more search woes and Telemetry

4 days ago

Microsoft released security updates and regular updates for all versions of Windows on yesterday's September 2019 Patch Tuesday. It does not take long, usually, before an assessment can be made on the […]


Microsoft Windows Security Updates September 2019 overview

5 days ago

It is September 10, 2019 and Microsoft has just released security and non-security updates for its Microsoft Windows operating system and other company products. Our overview of the September 2019 Patch Day […]


Mozilla plans to roll out DNS over HTTPS to US users in late September 2019

a week ago

Starting in late September 2019, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is going to be rolled out to Firefox users in the United States. DNS over HTTPS encrypts DNS requests to improve security and […]


Google to end 'successful' Hire service in September 2020

3 weeks ago

Recruitment play to be sent to Google's overflowing bit bucket in the sky.