Xerox: Prepare to say cyan-ara, HP Inc. We're no paper tiger. We're really very serious about that hostile takeover

3 months ago

Just you wait, we'll do it, we'll force a merger, any moment now – face the fax, pal


Startpage Search owner changes raise serious questions

3 months ago

Startpage announced on September 28, 2019 on the official Startpage blog that Privacy One Group Ltd has made an investment in The announcement revealed that the relationship between the two groups […]


Come on, you can't be serious: Now Australia mulls face-recog tech for p0rno site age checks

4 months ago

A whole new spin on facial recognition


Microsoft warned: Your cloud contracts are 'serious concern' says EU privacy watchdog

4 months ago

Microsoft promises EU customers new revisions to the terms of its cloud contracts.


American intelligence follows British lead in warning of serious VPN vulnerabilities

4 months ago

Now if only they'd accept the Queen back again...


Life's certainties: Death, taxes, and Cisco patching more serious vulnerabilities

5 months ago

Switchzilla closes off 18 CVE-listed holes, get to work