Want to stay under the radar for a decade or more? This Chinese hacking crew did it... by aiming for Linux servers


BlackBerry says Winnti-derived group is playing it quiet with rootkit attacks


Docker servers targeted by new Kinsing malware campaign

5 days ago

Hackers breach Docker clusters via administrative API ports left exposed online without a password.


Memcached has a crash-me bug, but hey, only about 83,000 public-facing servers appear to be running it

2 weeks ago

Yes, you may have detected some sarcasm


Google unveils Game Servers in beta, for hosting global, multi-player games

2 weeks ago

The new managed service is a souped up version of Agones, the open-source game hosting platform built on top of Kubernetes.


Firefox, you know you tapped Cloudflare for DNS-over-HTTPS? In January, it briefly knackered two root servers at the heart of the internet

a month ago

Probe raises serious questions about private v public web management


Citrix: These are new patches for your vulnerable servers

3 months ago

Citrix has released a fresh set of patches for ADC and NetScaler bug, with more patches due out tomorrow.


Row erupts over who to blame after NordVPN says: One of our servers was hacked via remote management tool

6 months ago

Analysis Netizens' traffic flowing out of box could have been sniffed by miscreants


DuckDuckGo adds Indian servers and new options

6 months ago

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced the launch of new features and servers recently on the company's Spread Privacy blog. The company added servers in India to better serve Indian users, a […]


Holy smokes! Ex-IT admin gets two years prison for trashing Army chaplains' servers

6 months ago

Let's hope that 'take this job and shove it' moment was worth it


AWS says servers secure following Malindo Air data breach

7 months ago

Amazon Web Services says servers containing customer information belonging to the Malaysian airline are secured, following a breach that compromised personal data of 21 million passengers, including that of Malindo's parent company, Lion Air.


Coin-mining malware jumps from Arm IoT gear to Intel servers

7 months ago


Data storage quicker than a flash, large enough to make servers think 'Got DRAM'... Intel makes this possible

8 months ago

Sponsored Find out where your workloads fit in tomorrow's memory hierarchies


Canadian ISP Telus launches novel solution to deal with excess email: Crash your servers and wipe it all

8 months ago

Dell-EMC storage blunder leaves Canucks fuming for four days


Microsoft adds Azure Dedicated Host option for running VMs on single-tenant servers

8 months ago

Azure Dedicated Host, now in preview, is aimed at those with compliance requirements around physical security, integrity and monitoring. Will it cost you more? It depends.