Google Goes Live with Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory

3 days ago

Google's Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory is now a "generally available" service, according to a Thursday Google announcement. 02/21/2020


Google updates its Terms of Service to include Chrome and Chrome OS

3 days ago

If you visit a Google website right now you will likely see a notification at the top stating that the company has changed its Terms of Service and that the new terms […]


Obviously AI introduces natural language predictive analytics service

6 days ago

A Bay area startup with seed money is opening a cloud service that extends natural language from query to predictive analytics.


Google Cloud launches Archive cold storage service

6 days ago

Archive will focus on long-term data retention and compete against AWS Glacier, Microsoft Cool Blob Storage, and IBM Cloud Storage.


Early adopters delighted as Microsoft pulls plug on Mobile Backend as a Service. Haha, only joking – they're fuming

7 days ago

'Horrible news' for invested devs


Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service becomes generally available

3 weeks ago

Three years after it was announced at CES 2017, GeForce Now is out of beta.


EU tells UK: Cut the BS, sign here, and you can have access to Galileo sat's secure service

3 weeks ago

ESA shuffles Brits about as Brexit bites


Nvidia GeForce Now game streaming service now available (in Europe and United States)

3 weeks ago

Nvidia has launched the company's GeForce Now game streaming service (it was revealed initially in 2017). It is available in Europe and the United States at the time of writing and available […]


Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service becomes generally available

3 weeks ago

Three years after it was announced at CES 2017, GeForce Now is out of beta.


Google Kubernetes Service Adds Support for Windows Containers

3 weeks ago

Google is now previewing Kubernetes orchestration support for Windows Server containers housed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), according to a Thursday announcement. 01/31/2020


Amazon Connect Helps AWS Partner Improve Annoying Customer Service Calls

4 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison Most consumers' perspective is I hate calling customer service, I hate the IVRs (interactive voice responses) -- the press one, press two, press three things -- it's just a bad experience, says VoiceFoundry CEO John Marino. Nobody's like, 'Oh, sweet, I can't wait to call.' It's usually painful, and they dread it.


Rackspace Teams With Alert Logic To Offer AWS Security Service

4 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The new partnership between the managed services giant and cybersecurity vendor focuses on helping customers assess vulnerabilities in their Amazon cloud environments and remediate them


Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM Service Goes Live

a month ago

In preview since February, Microsoft's cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution became generally available this week.


Managing Azure Cognitive Service Accounts with PowerShell

a month ago

Here's how to start taking advantage of Microsoft's suite of artificial intelligence APIs.


Microsoft Prepares IT Pros for New Azure Monitor Service

a month ago

Microsoft this week described the steps for adapting "classic" alert rules to work with its new Azure Monitor service.


Google IDs on Azure Active Directory B2B Service Now at 'General Availability'

a month ago

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that users of the Google identity and access service can use their personal log-in IDs with the Azure Active Directory B2B service to access resources as "guests." 11/20/2019


Adobe intros new Experience Cloud features, launches Experience Manager as cloud service

a month ago

Updates include the new 2.3.4 release of Magento and an Adobe Stock integration with Magento Commerce.


Deliveroo balancing customer service with the rights of riders

2 months ago

While the company might be nailing customer experience, it needs to be sure the rights of drivers aren't the casualty.


Google Transfer Service launched for those handling enormous data migrations

2 months ago

Enterprise customers can transfer billions of files at once with the firm's latest tool


AWS Establishes ‘Service Ready’ Certification For Partner Product Integrations

3 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'Right now, the process for how customers are able to tell which products are well-integrated is not that simple,' says Doug Yeum, AWS head of worldwide channels and alliances.