What Amazon Web Services security certification is doing for government

2 days ago

The Australian government is now getting its hands on new technologies to improve citizen experiences.


Baidu receives Q2 revenue jolt from AI and streaming services

4 days ago

The company's artificial intelligence segment also experienced increased uptake, with its AI Open Platform growing 37% year on year to having 1.3 million developer accounts.


Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services

5 days ago

Baffling bug forces folks to use Safari, IE, etc


Can't log in to Google? Services reported down for some users

5 days ago

No, it's not just you. Google's login services are failing for many people in the US on the afternoon of August 19th.


Apple sued for not disclosing that 'iCloud storage' relies on third-party cloud services

a week ago

Two iCloud users have filed a complaint, charging they paid the "Apple premium" for cloud storage under the presumption that Apple would store their data on its own servers.


Microsoft Wins 10-Year Cloud Services Deal With Indian Telecom Jio

2 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison Our ambition is to help millions of organizations across India thrive and grow in this era of rapid technological change, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Together, we will offer comprehensive technology solutions -- from compute and storage, to connectivity and productivity -- to SMBs everywhere in the country.


Amazon Web Services doubled its footprint in the UK and will only get bigger, reckon analysts

3 weeks ago

Capita retains software and IT services top spot... for now


Research: 64% using or considering industry cloud services

3 weeks ago

A recent TechRepublic Premium poll shows that only 18% of respondents rule out using industry cloud within their organization.


CIO Jury: Two-thirds of tech leaders use industry cloud services

3 weeks ago

Industry cloud vendors can offer more specialized services for businesses, according to our panel of tech leaders.


Top cloud providers for financial services

3 weeks ago

By leveraging cloud services, financial institutions can keep pace with a rapidly moving market.


Amazon dominates IaaS cloud services market, small enterprises lose out

4 weeks ago

The market is going from strength to strength but is dominated by a chosen few.


Microsoft's LinkedIn unit commits to starting to move its services to Azure

a month ago

In 2017, LinkedIn had no plans to move off its own datacenters, in spite of having been purchased by Microsoft a year earlier. But plans have changed and Azure is (unsurprisingly) its new target.


Hip and modern IBM can't beat legacy kit and services IBM: That's four consecutive quarters of revenue decline now

a month ago

8% cloud biz growth in 12 months. Where is Red Hat when you need it?


OK, it's fair to say UK's botched Emergency Services Network is an emergency now, right?

a month ago

Home Office lacks plan, skills, budget control or achievable deadlines, says watchdog


AWS intros new EventBridge, CDK services as CTO Vogels urges customers to 'encrypt everything'

a month ago

At the AWS Summit Thursday, Vogels talked new developer tools, customer case studies and the importance of security across enterprise IT infrastructure.


Google Cloud Buying Elastifile To Extend Enterprise File Storage Services

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud will support bringing traditional workloads into GCP (Google Cloud Platform) faster and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute-intensive workloads,' Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said.


Amazon Web Services scores Australia-wide government cloud deal

2 months ago

Follows the cloud giant in January receiving the green light to store highly sensitive workloads for Australian government entities on its platform.


Top New AWS Services Unveiled At re:Inforce 2019 Security Conference

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison Extending AWS Marketplace into existing procurement systems is a win for organizations and AWS partners, says Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of cloud research at Trend Micro. It removes a big roadblock for customers by allowing them to use their existing procurement systems and process, and that will make it easier to test and acquire new technologies.


Cloud Services Use on the Rise But Security Concerns Remain

2 months ago

A recently published industry report suggested that use of public cloud services by organizations may nearly double in the next two years. 06/26/2019


Amazon Web Services scores Australia-wide government cloud deal

2 months ago

Follows the cloud giant in January receiving the green light to store highly sensitive workloads for Australian government entities on its platform.