Hey, China. Maybe you should have held your hackers off for a bit while COVID-19 ravaged the planet. Just a suggestion


Citrix, Cisco and Zoho-pwning APT41 attack wave seems in awfully bad taste


AWS Savings Plans: What they are and why you should care

5 days ago

Amazon Web Services launched AWS Savings Plans for EC2, Fargate, and Lambda.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds: They're good – though for close to £300, they really should be

2 weeks ago

Hands on Not headphones. Earbuds


FCC sucks its teeth, clicks its tongue, says: Yeah, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Verizon gleeful sold your location data. Guess we should fine them?

4 weeks ago

How much you make, Randy? Wanna cough up, I dunno, twice that or something?


If you're serious about browser privacy, you should probably pass on Edge or Yandex, claims Dublin professor

4 weeks ago

Merging search and address bar means more data for the tech giants


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save data from a computer that should have died aeons ago

a month ago

Who, Me? Drain you of your sanity, face the thing that should not be


The great big open-source census: Most-used libraries revealed – plus 10 things developers should be doing to keep their code secure

a month ago

Linux Foundation hears your gripes about naming schemes, legacy code, and more


Will Asimov fix my doorbell? There should be a law about this

2 months ago

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Computer systems must do no harm? ... Ha ha ha...


Safari's Intelligent Tracking Protection is misspelled, says Google: It should be Dumb Browser Stalking Enabler

2 months ago

Chocolate Factory boffins doubt Apple can fix it, either


Updated your WordPress plugins lately? Here are 320,000 auth-bypassing reasons why you should

2 months ago

Another day, another critical set of flaws


It's Becoming Messy: Judge says IBM's request to shut down age-discrimination lawsuit should be rejected

3 months ago

IT goliath under pressure to settle cloud sales star who claims he was unlawfully axed after turning 60


CES 2020 is more than TVs and smart toothbrushes: Tech pros and CIOs should watch these three trends

3 months ago

Technology professionals shouldn't be distracted by the big TVs and robots at CES; the real innovation happens behind the curtain with the enterprise tech powering all those 'smart' consumer gadgets.


IBM to Google: Istio, Knative, TensorFlow should be under 'open governance'

3 months ago

Interview And by the way, sorry about Swift and Kitura


Americans should have strong privacy-protecting encryption ...that the Feds and cops can break, say senators

4 months ago

I don't care if it's mathematically impossible, make it happen nerds!


Blood, snot and fear: Why the travelling lone tech reporter should always knock twice

5 months ago

Hyatt, we've had a problem


Uncle Sam demands summary judgement on Snowden memoir: We're not saying it's true, but no one should read it

5 months ago

We really needed to take a look before you published


You all know why you should encrypt your cloud data – now learn where and how…

6 months ago

Promo AWS spills the beans


Ah, this should totally reassure Euro workers: They'll get Brexit EU settled status app on iPhones from October

7 months ago


Google: Search engines should pay for recommendation on Android

8 months ago

Android devices operated in the European Union will soon display a selection of search engines to users. Three search engines, next to Google Search, which is the default on most Android devices, […]