Accenture launches software to simulate cloud architecture, services at scale

a week ago

The idea is that Accenture's myNav software may be able to help enterprises look before they make their cloud computing choices.


Microsoft finds Huawei to get Chinese biz back on its sales ledger: US permits Redmond software supply line

2 weeks ago

But doesn't stop Commerce Secretary saying he's still 'frightened' of Chinese tech biz


RDP loves company: Kaspersky finds 37 security holes in VNC remote desktop software

2 weeks ago

BlueKeep isn't the only bug in town, plenty to go round


You ever feel like today's software and services are actually slowing your teams down?

2 weeks ago

Promo You're not alone. Head to Google Cloud's Global Cloud Digital Conference and find out how to ramp up productivity


This may shock you but Adobe is shipping insecure software. No, it's not Flash this time. Nope, not Acrobat, either

4 weeks ago

Mobile app SDKs sport dodgy crypto defaults, set bad examples – updates available


Hotfix for VeraCrypt 1.24 encryption software released

a month ago

The developers of VeraCrypt have released a hotfix for the recently released VeraCrypt 1.24 which we reviewed earlier this month. The hotfix addresses several issues in the client and improves certain functionality […]


Aviation's been Boeing through a rough patch: Software tweaks blamed for Airbus A220 failures

a month ago

Engine maker Pratt & Whitney says it's working on a fix


Opera Software tests Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS in Opera 65

2 months ago

Opera Software released a new beta version of the company's Opera web browser on October 17, 2019 to the public. Opera 65 Beta includes support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH), a privacy […]


Google's Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest: More about software, ambient system strategy than hardware

2 months ago

Google's Made by Google hardware event and launch of the Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go and Nest Mini is about the software and system approach than the actual device. Is that enough to compete with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft?


Upcoming changes to file compression software Bandizip

2 months ago

Bandisoft, the company behind the popular file compression software Bandizip, plans to launch Bandizip 7.0 soon; the new version has a new licensing system that divides the program into a free, advertisement […]


VeraCrypt 1.24 encryption software update released

2 months ago

The developers of the open source cross-platform encryption software VeryCrypt released version 1.24 of the software on October 6, 2019 to the public. We reviewed a beta version of VeraCrypt 1.24 in […]


Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software

2 months ago

Mistake, fishing expedition, or attempt to hold a company liable for its customers?


Box expands key software integrations as part of continued enterprise push

2 months ago

Box announced that it is expanding its integrations Adobe, Splunk, IBM, Slack and Microsoft.


'No source code for evil': Developers pressure Chef Software to cut ties with ICE

2 months ago

Chef developers and executives fought over the company's contract with US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Faced with this, Chef Software's management first resisted, but it has now given in to demands to start severing ties with ICE.


Larry Ellison: Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure Gives Its Cloud Software Massive Advantage

3 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko In a rare moment of emotion, Oracle's Executive Chairman also choked up in wishing his friend, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, a speedy recovery from the illness which forced him to step away from the company.


Revealed: The 25 most dangerous software bug types – mem corruption, so hot right now

3 months ago

Tired: SQLi. Expired: Format string exploits. Hired: Anyone who can port code from C/C++


Software delivery management: ERP for IT redux?

3 months ago

CloudBees’ advocacy of a new market concept, software delivery management (SDM).


DevOps leaders deliver software 200 times more frequently than their peers, study shows

3 months ago

Enterprises embracing DevOps see more frequent software delivery, change lead times, and other benefits, survey by Google Cloud and DORA finds.


HPE Accelerates Machine Learning With ML Ops Container Software

3 months ago

by Steven Burke Partners need to build out their (machine learning and AI) practices, bench strength and expertise in this area so they can help customers in the next phase of the journey, says HPE BlueData Vice President of Marketing Jason Schroedl.


Another sign of the End Times: Free software guru Richard Stallman speaks at Microsoft HQ

3 months ago

Photo Firebrand in town to give Redmond a GNU lease of life