Cloudflare dumps Google's reCAPTCHA, moves to hCaptcha as free ride ends (and something about privacy)

35 minutes ago

You want this service at Cloudflare's scale? Then maybe you might want to pay for it


Something something DANE cook: Microsoft pledges to wrap its email systems in secure anti-snooping protocol

2 days ago

Office 365 will finally get DNSSEC-based protection later this year


If there's something strange in Symantec's neighborhood, who you gonna call? Not Broadcom, it seems: Systems go down, cut off customers

2 weeks ago

And now back on their feet after global two-hour wobble


Stuck at home? Need something to keep busy with? Microsoft has 115 ideas – including an awful SMBv3 security hole to worry about

4 weeks ago

Hefty Patch Tuesday covers critical Word, Dynamics bugs, and more


Red Hat tips its Fedora at CoreOS Container Linux stans: Hop onto something else, folks, cos this one's on a boat to Valhalla

2 months ago

Support ends May 26. Users fretting over Fedora CoreOS's limitations might want to jump into Flatcar


Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it

2 months ago

Updated The week's triumvirate of TITSUP* is complete


Elon Musk shows world that he is truly awful at something

2 months ago

Rockets, self-aggrandisement: Good. Cars: OK. Music: Make it stop


Use our stuff for free and sell your application? That's Qt. Time to give something back

2 months ago

Terms for open-source C++ toolkit tweaked to encourage contribution


There's something fishy going down in the computer lab

3 months ago

Who, Me? Macro or Mackerel? Whatever it is, it looks o-fish-al. We'll get our sealskin coat


I spy, with my little satellite AI, something beginning with 'North American image-analysis code embargo'

3 months ago

Vendors will have to apply for permission to sell tools to customers outside of the US and Canada


A Notepad nightmare leaves sysadmin with something totally unprintable

3 months ago

When curiosity killed the print job. All the print jobs


Brit banking sector hasn't gone a single day of 2020 without something breaking

3 months ago

Updated Yorkshire and Clydesdale latest to join ongoing game of TITSUP*manship


100 mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be evidence of alien life... or something weird, say boffins

4 months ago

Either way, we'll take a one-way ticket, please. Now. Thanks. Good


Like Visual Studio Code and your data lives in SQL Server? Microsoft has something for you

6 months ago

SQL Object Explorer, SQLCMD and more IntelliCode arrive for VS Code


Larry Ellison tiers Amazon a new one: Oracle cloud gets 'always' free offer, plus something about Linux

7 months ago

OpenWorld El Reg decodes Big Red's big announcements from today


The time a Commodore CDTV disc proved its worth as something other than a coaster

7 months ago

On Call What's that coming over the hill? Is it a CD? Is it a CD?


Samsung Note10+ torn apart to expose three 5G antennas: One has to pick up something

8 months ago