Filelight is an open source disk space analyzer for Linux and Windows

4 days ago

What do you do when you're running low on storage space? I run disk cleanup to clear the updates and system files, purge the browser data, and if that doesn't help I […]


MP4Tools is an open source set of utilities for merging or splitting video files

4 days ago

Video editing can be an awfully complicated task if you're not using the right tools. If all you need is to simply join, or cut some videos, what you may need is […]


ScreenCloud is an open source image capturing tool that can optionally upload images to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Imgur

7 days ago

We have reveiwed many screen capturing tools at gHacks including Ksnip, Automatic Screenshotter, Auto Screen Capture, Ashampoo's Snap 11, or Martin's favorite program PicPick. Today, we take a look at a tool […]


BowPad is an open source programmer-friendly text editor with a ribbon interface

a week ago

Looking for a text editor that has a ribbon interface? BowPad has a nice one, offers all the features you could possibly want, and is programmer-friendly. The program displays a sidebar on […]


Closed source? Pull the other one... We love open source, but not enough to share code for our own app, says GitHub

2 weeks ago

Reviews mixed as mobile software hits GA


Elephant is an open source, cross platform note taking application

3 weeks ago

Jotting down notes is a great way to remember things to do, and can help increase your productivity. We have reviewed a handful of note taking applications here like Notes, QOwnNotes, Tomboy-ng […]


OpenSilver: Silverlight makes an open source comeback

3 weeks ago

Ten years ago, plugins were needed for a lot of things in web browsers. Today, only Flash survived in the browser and its time is running out as well. Plugins such as […]


Persepolis Download Manager is an open source and cross platform download manager

3 weeks ago

There a quite a few options when it comes to download managers, we have looked at HTTPDownloader, IDM, and recently, uGet already. Today we'll be taking a look at another one called […]


Open source is getting bigger and richer, says SUSE

4 weeks ago

Open-source software is the future, and it is free, assuming it can survive capitalism.


muCommander is a cross-platform, open source file manager

4 weeks ago

Total Commander has been the favorite file manager of many users for decades. It's no surprise that it has been the inspiration for many clones. muCommander is one of these, and happens […]


SystemInfo is a simple open source system information tool for Windows

4 weeks ago

Most of us have used some system information tool at some point or the other to quickly analyze the devices, hardware, and software of a computer system. Tools like HwInfo display information […]


KDiff3 is an open source file comparison and merge tool

a month ago

KDiff3 is an open source file comparison and merge tool that's available for Windows and Linux. It's a KDE project. Unlike some comparison tools, KDiff3 is capable of three-way comparisons, i.e., you […]


Lintalist is an open source snippet manager for Windows

a month ago

Lintalist is an open source snippet manager for Windows. You can use it as a text expander to quickly add phrases in the document that you're working with. The program is portable, […]


Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options

a month ago

Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options. It's available for Windows, Linux and macOS systems. The program starts up with a mini-interface that just has the menu […]


uGet is an open source download manager for Windows and Linux that also supports Torrents and Video downloads

a month ago

XDM and HTTP Downloader are very good open source download managers; uGet is another one that you may use if you're looking for some advanced options. Download and extract the program's archive […]


Amazon and commercial open source in the cloud: It's complicated

a month ago

What do the data tell us about the relationship between cloud vendors -- specifically, Amazon and commercial open source vendors?


Alternate File Shredder is an open source file shredder for Windows

a month ago

It is always a good idea to securely erase your hard drive before disposing it, and especially so if you want to give it away  You can do that with a tool […]


Huawei to the danger zone: Now Uncle Sam slaps it with 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, theft of robot arm and source code

2 months ago

CFO – and daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei – Meng Wanzhou named in fresh criminal indictment


Okular is an open source universal document viewer for Windows, Linux and macOS

2 months ago

How many document viewers do you use? I use SumatraPDF (or Edge) for PDFs, Calibre for ePub, Notepad for Text, and also have some portable document editors. Wouldn't it be nice if […]


MenuTools is an open source context menu extender for Windows Explorer

2 months ago

Windows Explorer while sufficient for many tasks, could do with some improvement.  Sets seemed promising, but of course Microsoft had to put an abrupt end to that and it does not look […]