Lintalist is an open source snippet manager for Windows

3 days ago

Lintalist is an open source snippet manager for Windows. You can use it as a text expander to quickly add phrases in the document that you're working with. The program is portable, […]


Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options

4 days ago

Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options. It's available for Windows, Linux and macOS systems. The program starts up with a mini-interface that just has the menu […]


uGet is an open source download manager for Windows and Linux that also supports Torrents and Video downloads

6 days ago

XDM and HTTP Downloader are very good open source download managers; uGet is another one that you may use if you're looking for some advanced options. Download and extract the program's archive […]


Amazon and commercial open source in the cloud: It's complicated

7 days ago

What do the data tell us about the relationship between cloud vendors -- specifically, Amazon and commercial open source vendors?


Alternate File Shredder is an open source file shredder for Windows

7 days ago

It is always a good idea to securely erase your hard drive before disposing it, and especially so if you want to give it away  You can do that with a tool […]


Huawei to the danger zone: Now Uncle Sam slaps it with 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, theft of robot arm and source code

2 weeks ago

CFO – and daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei – Meng Wanzhou named in fresh criminal indictment


Okular is an open source universal document viewer for Windows, Linux and macOS

2 weeks ago

How many document viewers do you use? I use SumatraPDF (or Edge) for PDFs, Calibre for ePub, Notepad for Text, and also have some portable document editors. Wouldn't it be nice if […]


MenuTools is an open source context menu extender for Windows Explorer

2 weeks ago

Windows Explorer while sufficient for many tasks, could do with some improvement.  Sets seemed promising, but of course Microsoft had to put an abrupt end to that and it does not look […]


qimgv is an open source image viewer for Windows

2 weeks ago

ImageGlass or the all-time favorite IrfanView are excellent choices if you want some advanced options in your image viewer; qimgv is a slightly simpler alternative that may work for some. The application […]


Record screencast or web cam video with VokoscreenNG an open source program for Windows and Linux

2 weeks ago

VokoscreenNG is an open source screen casting program for Windows and Linux. It can be used to record videos from your webcam or the screen content, along with the audio source that […]


ExifTool is an open source and cross-platform metadata editor

3 weeks ago

Metadata is useful in many ways, for instance when it comes to search or the representation of data. A popular type is exif data that's associated with photos. These are used for all […]


IBM's big bet on cloud computing, AI and open source needs to pay off soon

3 weeks ago

Although the IBM has underwhelmed in recent years, outgoing CEO Ginni Rometty may have planted the seeds for future prosperity.


Klavaro is an open source touch typing tutor for Windows and Linux

4 weeks ago

How fast can you type on a keyboard? I can type quite fast and I don't look at the keyboard when I'm typing; this method is called Touch Typing. Sure, I make […]


Espanso is an open source text expander for Windows, Mac and Linux

4 weeks ago

Snippet tools are incredibly useful. The idea is to save time that would have otherwise been wasted typing phrases, sentences or entire paragraphs. Espanso is an open source text template program for […]


Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source

4 weeks ago

'Its life doesn't have to end!'


No big deal, Rogers, your internal source code and keys are only on the open web. Don't hurry to take it down

4 weeks ago

Updated 'Closed source' blueprints available for all to gawp at – and potentially exploit


Converseen is an open source batch image processor for Windows and Linux

4 weeks ago

Batch tools are efficient time-savers when you need to manipulate more than one or two images provided that the intended operations are identical. Converseen is an open source image processor that's available […]


dnGrep is an open source tool that can search for text inside documents

a month ago

The application dnGrep is an open source search tool for Windows that is based on the GREP command-line tool. What can it do? It can search for text content inside documents and […]


'I am done with open source': Developer of Rust Actix web framework quits, appoints new maintainer

a month ago

Project author Nikolay Kim also given some community support after 'unsafe shitstorm'


Shotcut is an open source video editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS

a month ago

Last month, we talked about SimpleVideoCutter. This time, we'll be looking at a more advanced video editor called Shotcut. Shotcut is an open source video editor for the Windows, Linux, and macOS […]