Oracle’s Machine Learning Strategy

2 days ago

20 years after acquiring Thinking Machines, AI and ML have remained among Oracle’s best-kept secrets. Oracle has been internally working with ML to enhance its products, but now it is starting to come out of its shell with the type of product portfolio that one would expect from an enterprise technology provider.


You're all set for your long summer vacation. Suddenly an email arrives. It's the CEO. 'Data strategy, by Friday'

2 weeks ago

Comment Fret not. Here's a gentle guide to drawing up a plan to take the pain away from your info management


Microsoft's Strategy To Move More Data Warehouses to Its Cloud

3 weeks ago

In an effort to get more on-premises data warehouses onto its Azure cloud, Microsoft has launched a migration initiative in partnership with Informatica. 08/06/2019


IBM, Rometty outline Red Hat strategy: Here's how the parts fit together for IBM growth

3 weeks ago

The short version is that IBM brings the mission critical workloads and global customer base. Red Hat brings the vehicle that takes those workloads multicloud both horizontally and vertically.