Transit Systems overhauls telco and cloud capabilities with Macquarie Telecom

5 days ago

In the wake of seeing more transport routes become privatised.


Lenovo launches edge, hyperconverged systems integrated with Microsoft Azure

6 days ago

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX1021 and ThinkSystem DM7100 are two systems designed to connect Azure to the edge as well as enable integrated data tiering.


If there's something strange in Symantec's neighborhood, who you gonna call? Not Broadcom, it seems: Systems go down, cut off customers

a week ago

And now back on their feet after global two-hour wobble


Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft speech-to-text AI systems can't understand black people as well as whites

a week ago

Lack of varied training data to blame, say researchers


Fancy that: Hacking airliner systems doesn't make them magically fall out of the sky

4 weeks ago

Study finds most A320 pilots shrug, ignore dodgy systems and land safely


Skytap on Azure Service Adds Options for Apps Running on IBM Systems

a month ago

Applications that use IBM Power processors in "on-premises" datacenters can now be moved to Microsoft Azure datacenters via a "Skytap on Azure" service, according to Thursday announcements by both Microsoft and Skytap. 02/27/2020


SADA Systems Sets Sights On $500 Million In Google MSP Revenue

a month ago

by Joseph Tsidulko A new agreement with Google has motivated the Los Angeles-based consultancy to place some big bets in offering managed services for Googles emerging technologies, especially the Anthos Kubernetes platform.


Lustre HPC file systems no longer disappear in a puff on Amazon Web Services – but you'll pay more

a month ago

Throughput boosted and encryption in transit added to temporary counterparts


BAE Systems tosses its contractors a blanket... ban on off-payroll working under upcoming IR35 tax reforms

a month ago

'As soon as I got the note saying I'm inside, I started chasing another role'


Among those pardoned by Trump this week: Software maker ex-CEO who admitted hacking into rivals' systems

2 months ago

There's always a tech angle


Singapore to spend $719M beefing up government's cyber, data security systems

2 months ago

Country's 2020 budget will see SG$1 billion spent over three years to enhance the government's cyber and data security capabilities, essential as it adopts new technologies such as AI, as well as more funding support for deep-tech startups and SMBs.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying solar panel: BAE Systems' satellite alternative makes maiden flight in Oz

2 months ago

Spindly thing claimed to stay airborne for a year with 15kg payload


Austrian foreign ministry: 'State actor' hack on government IT systems is over

2 months ago

Russia denies claims from well-informed broadcaster that it was homegrown Turla malware baddies


School's out as ransomware attack downs IT systems at Scotland's Dundee and Angus College

2 months ago

5,000 password resets, multi-day outage, och aye!


Microsoft will install a Bing Search extension in Chrome on some customer systems

2 months ago

Microsoft revealed today that it plans to install an extension in Google Chrome called Microsoft Search in Bing for some customers that will make Bing the default search engine in the browser […]


ServiceNow buys Loom Systems to extend AIOps capabilities

2 months ago

Loom Systems offers an AIOps-powered log analytics platform named Sophie that aims to predict and prevent problems in the digital business.


Big Falcon explosion as SpaceX successfully demos Crew Dragon abort systems

3 months ago

Mere months until 'nauts get a ticket to ride?


Google reveals new schedule for 'phasing out support for Chrome Apps across all operating systems'

3 months ago

June 2020 is the end for users on Windows, Linux and Mac


Intel teases NUC-leheads with new desktop-class graphics systems and a fast i9 CPU

3 months ago

CES Deep-pocketed gamers stare into Ghost Canyon at consumer show


Intel teases NUC-leheads with new desktop-class graphics systems and a fast i9 CPU

3 months ago

CES 2020 Deep-pocketed gamers stare into Ghost Canyon at consumer show