Don't drown in that Office 365 migration you've been putting off: There's help at hand – in the form of automation magic

2 days ago

Shifting an installation is complex yet not impossible, says Quadrotech


Let’s check in on the .org sale fiasco: Senators say No, internet grandees say Yes – and ICANN pretends there's absolutely nothing to see here

5 days ago

'Ethos Capital, ISOC, and PIR have failed to provide clear and transparent information'


There's something fishy going down in the computer lab

2 weeks ago

Who, Me? Macro or Mackerel? Whatever it is, it looks o-fish-al. We'll get our sealskin coat


Watch online: There's no harm in choosing hybrid or multi-cloud – we'll even walk you through tools, costs, and more

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Webcast Join El Reg and experts from Google Cloud and Trax for top advice and info


Using Teams and Azure DevOps? There's an app for that, says Microsoft

3 months ago

Cute, says rival Slack, polishing its library of 1,800 apps and an updated developer toolkit


Sudo? More like Su-doh: There's a fun bug that gives restricted sudoers root access (if your config is non-standard)

3 months ago

All it takes is -u#-1 ... Wh%& t#e fsck*?


There's no getting Huawei from 5G – Chinese giant joins Qualcomm, Samsung in bunging high-speed comms in mobe brains

5 months ago

IFA 2019 Integration may lead to more smartphones with faster cellular broadband (networks permitting)


Alibaba: There's a trade war going on? Could've fooled us – just check out these swollen digits

5 months ago

Cloud biz still dwarfed by retail but everything's up


Pentagon makes case for Return of the JEDI: There's only one cloud biz that can do the job and it starts with an A (or rhymes with loft)

6 months ago

DoD daleks want to exterminate Oracle's Vulcan mind-meld with White House