RemindMe is an open source offline desktop calendar application for Windows

8 hrs ago

Desktop calendars are somewhat of a rarity and these days most people either use cloud-based solutions or the calendar app on their mobile phone for reminders. If you're like me and prefer […]


Microsoft Previews Windows VM Authentications via Azure Active Directory


Microsoft on Thursday announced a preview of remote authentications into Windows-based Azure virtual machines (VMs) using Azure AD credentials. 12/12/2019


Windows Update Blocker is a portable freeware tool which can disable updates with a single click

2 days ago

While Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users can defer upgrades (to a certain extent), Windows 10 Home users cannot, at least not officially. Microsoft never revealed why Home customers don't get the […]


How to disable the "Your Windows 7 PC is out of support" full screen popop

2 days ago

Microsoft plans to inform users of the company's Windows 7 operating system on January 15, 2020 that support for the system ended. The company wants to display a full screen popup on […]


How Microsoft's Azure organization makes the Windows sausage

2 days ago

Microsoft Azure Executive Vice President Jason Zander discusses how he's looking at his world now that it includes Windows engineering.


It's the end of the 20-teens, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by nothing more than a simple bad font

3 days ago

End 2019 with a Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, Adobe, SAP and Intel


Windows 7: Microsoft Security Essentials support ends on January 14, 2020

3 days ago

Windows 7 Home users who protect their systems with the security software Microsoft Security Essentials will soon have to find a different product to protect their devices as Microsoft won't support the […]


The Windows Phone keeps ringing but no one's home: Microsoft finally lets platform die

4 days ago

I'm not crying, there's just a little bit of dust in my eye


Microsoft Windows Security Updates December 2019 overview

4 days ago

Welcome to the overview of the last Patch Tuesday of 2019. Microsoft released security and non-security updates for all supported products on December 11, 2019. Our monthly series provides system administrators and […]


Oh noes! Half the NHS runs on Windows 7! Thankfully, here's Citrix with a virty vaccine

4 days ago

Except it looks like all the trusts already have plans


HTTP Downloader is an open source download manager for Windows

4 days ago

HTTP Downloader is an open source download manager for Windows. It works with FTPS and HTTPS protocols as well. The program's interface is quite basic and yet modern at the same time. […]


Windows 10 Hyper-V vs. Windows Server Hyper-V: Which Platform for Which Workloads?

5 days ago

The differences between these two Hyper-V versions are pretty significant, depending on what you plan to use them for. Here's a quick rundown of each platform, from their features to licensing quirks to intended use cases. 12/09/2019


Things Microsoft will be glad to never see again: Windows 10 1809 and Windows Phone Office

5 days ago

Roundup New builds, Project Scarlett and much more


Google is bringing a Tab Strip to Chrome for Windows and Linux

5 days ago

If you have used the Microsoft Edge web browser, classic or new, you may have stumbled upon the browser's Tab Strip feature. Just click on the arrow icon on the tab bar […]


Here is what is new in Windows 10 version 2004

6 days ago

The next version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is Windows 10 version 2004 (formerly known as Windows 10 20H1). While it won't be released for a while, it is more or […]


Someone found a way to bypass Windows 7 Extended Security Updates checks

7 days ago

Someone discovered a way to enable Extended Security Updates on all machines running Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. Support for Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system ends after the January 2020 Patch Tuesday. […]


Windows 10 Insiders: Begone, foul Store version of Notepad!

a week ago

You say 20H1, they say 2004, let's call the whole thing off


Latest Kali Linux features an Undercover Windows 10 theme

a week ago

The latest version of the Linux distribution Kali Linux features a new "Undercover" theme that turns the interface into one that resembles Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Kali Linux is a security-focused […]


AWS re:Invent re:turns with re:vised robo-car and Windows Server 2008 re:vitalization plan

2 weeks ago

re:Invent Rent-a-server biz readies week-long fanboi rally


I'll give you my Windows 7 installation when you pry it from my cold, dead hands (and other tales)

2 weeks ago

Roundup Plus: New Surface SDKs, Outlook as web app, Azure updates and more