The delights of on-site working – sun, sea and... WordPad wrangling?


Who, Me? Things can only get better, unless someone misplaces the source


Amazon: We want to stop Microsoft working on JEDI contract

a week ago

Amazon Web Services wants to block early work from Microsoft on the Pentagon's JEDI contract.


Sir John Redwood backs IR35 campaign, notes review would have to start 'immediately' before new off-payroll working rules kick in

a month ago

Do election promises mean anything?


Googlers fired after tracking colleagues working on US border cop projects. Now, if they had monetized that stalking...

2 months ago

Comment Tech giant shocked at non-profitable abuse of info


Mozilla working on native Firefox translation feature

3 months ago

Mozilla is working on integrating a native translation feature in the organization's Firefox web browser that does not rely on cloud services. One of the advantages that the Chrome browser has over […]


Crunch time: It's all fun and video games until you're being pressured into working for free

5 months ago


Alexa, can you tell me how many Chinese kids were forced into working nights to build this unit?

5 months ago


Somebody is working on a $600m data center in Lincoln, Nebraska, could rhyme with schmoogle

6 months ago

'Google? Who is Google? My name is Guy Incognito'