World's richest bloke battles Oz catastro-fire with incredible AU$1m donation (aka load of cheap greenwashing)

a month ago

Comment Amazon puts (a tiny amount of) its money where its tax bill isn’t


CES la vie: Shrunken Ultrabooks, muted mobiles and Segway's adult prams at world's biggest consumer tech show

a month ago

CES Thanks Vegas - it's been weird


Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5

2 months ago

Rambler claims code creator was working for them at the time and so they own tech worth $700m


How the cloud, an army of drones, and 3D mesh is saving the world's vital infrastructure

2 months ago

Bridges in major cities are crumbling and in desperate need of inspection. Technology convergence offers a light at the end of a rickety tunnel.


The Outer Worlds: Ever wished Fallout 4 was more like New Vegas? Here ya go... in spaaace

4 months ago

The RPG Obsidian nails it


Inside the 1TB ImageNet data set used to train the world's AI: Naked kids, drunken frat parties, porno stars, and more

4 months ago

Feature Creators tried to stop us looking through it. We saw a copy anyway. Now it's being scrubbed clean


I discovered the world's last video rental kiosk and it would make a great spaceship

4 months ago

Something for the Weekend, Sir? It's cool to be retro


How Amazon and Microsoft could build the world’s biggest app store

5 months ago

Move over, Google and Apple. Consumers want and deserve another option that is free from your undue influence.


World's largest heap of untreated nuclear waste needs more bots to cart around irradiated crap

5 months ago

Chernobyl? That's cute


Oracle takes another step in its goal to build the world's first autonomous cloud

5 months ago

Billed as the world's first autonomous operating system, Oracle Autonomous Linux provisions itself, scales itself, tunes itself, and patches itself while running.


Oracle: This 1,060 Raspberry Pi supercomputer is 'world's largest Pi cluster'

5 months ago

Oracle's Raspberry Pi 3 B+ supercomputer should provide 4,240 cores for processing.


World's oldest human was a 122-year-old French smoker after all

5 months ago

Researchers debunk tax-fraud imposter theory


More on that monster Cerebras AI chip, Xilinx touts 'world's largest' FPGA, and more

6 months ago


Alibaba crafts world's 'fastest' 'open-source' RISC-V processor yet: 16 cores, 64-bit, 2.5GHz, 12nm, out-of-order exec

7 months ago

Analysis Coming to an FPGA near you, soon, maybe, hopefully?