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Microsoft Surface Pro X: Windows on Arm usable at long last – but, boy, are you gonna pay for it

8 hrs ago

Hands On Up to £1,700 for something that won't outperform its cheaper Pro 7 stablemate


A History of (Computer) Violence: Wait. Before you whack it again, try caressing the mouse

8 hrs ago

On Call Ever been tempted to administer a jolly good thrashing to Windows?


Any finger will do? Samsung Galaxy S10 with a screen protector reportedly easy to fool

8 hrs ago

Note 10 has same ultrasonic tech for 'vault-like security'


Privacy pop-up exhibit shows people in The Glass Room shouldn't throw phones – though they may well want to

8 hrs ago

Feature Once they find out how much data their devices devour


Internet Archive's Wayback Machine gets Compare and Collections features

8 hrs ago

The Internet Archive launched several new (beta) features to the site's Wayback Machine recently that bring compare, better save to archive and collections features to the site. The site's Wayback Machine powers […]


UK culture sec hints at replacing TV licence fee, defends encryption ban proposals and her boss in Hacker House inquiry

18 hrs ago

Nuggets from Nicky Morgan's grilling by select committee


Rackspace Introduces "Gamification" To Enliven Channel Engagement

22 hrs ago

by Joseph Tsidulko Leveraging the Seismic partner enablement platform, Rackspace will allow partners to compete for swag. Thats not only fun, but promises a rich source of partner data.


Microsoft Azure Active Directory Outage Blocks Access for 2.5 Hours

22 hrs ago

Issues affecting the Azure Active Directory service blocked customers from accessing applications early on the morning of Oct. 18 for about 2.5 hours. 10/18/2019


GitLab reset --hard bad1dea: Biz U-turns, unbans office political chat, will vet customers

22 hrs ago

There's a line somewhere and we may just draw it, says code-hosting biz


Hubble grabs first snap of interstellar comet... or at least that's what we hope this smudge is

22 hrs ago

Pic Everyone knows the Ramans do everything in threes

A cautionary, Thames Watery tale on how not to look phishy: 'Click here to re-register!'

22 hrs ago

Mass-mailing your customers today? Read this first

This fall, Ubuntu 19.10 stars as Eoan Ermine in... Dawn of the Stoats

22 hrs ago

Out today: Experimental ZFS on root, diminished compatibility with 32-bit applications


zzPaint is a portable image editor which offers basic editing options

22 hrs ago

Inkscape and GIMP are excellent graphics editor programs but they have a learning curve; I prefer something simpler like Paint.Net myself as it ticks all the right boxes. If you want something that's […]


Google improves Site Isolation in Chrome 77, adds it to Android

22 hrs ago

Google rolled out the security feature Site Isolation back in 2018 when it released Chrome 67 to the public. Site Isolation was limited to desktop versions of the Chrome web browser back […]


Good guy, Microsoft: Multi-factor auth outage gives cloudy Office, Azure users a surprise three-day weekend

22 hrs ago

Redmond's sign-on system is so secure, nobody can get in


Mark Hurd is dead

23 hrs ago

Obit Oracle co-CEO, and ex-HP boss, dies aged 62 after stepping aside for health reasons

Yahoo! Groups' closure and a tale of Oftel: Die-hard users 'informally' included telcos


Ofcom: Ahem. Just check our website


BOFH: The company survived the disaster recovery test. Just. The Director's car, however...


Episode 9 Well, it was an angry mob simulation


Orange you happy to be a customer? Spammy sextortion malware only targeted French ISP


Briefly had screen recording feature too


We're going deeper Underground: Vulture clicks claws over London's hidden tracks


Feature Get a proper closeup look at an underground rail tunnel? Yes please